Frequently Asked Questions for School Counselors

(More information about the CASTLE Program 2011)

When does the CASTLE Program run?
The program runs six to ten weeks starting the week of September 26 and continuing through the week of November 21, 2011.

What does the CASTLE Program entail?
The CASTLE Program lasts for roughly 6-10 weeks. Each week the students who are in the program will receive an email with instructions to download a portion of the book. (I will also give participating students a coupon code if they want to order the paperback so that they can have a physical copy too, if they so choose.) The weekly set of lessons exists to set a manageable pace for the students so that they can finish the book on time BEFORE they have to start applying to colleges. They will need to be focused and diligent.

The book is divided into three volumes and following each volume students will be required to provide feedback so that we can track their progress and prepare any necessary clarifications. Also after each volume, there will be a group coaching session during which students can submit questions and request clarifications that need to be addressed after completing the reading. Coaching sessions will be conducted through webinars and teleseminars.

How do I nominate students?
Once your membership with CASC has been verified as current, you will receive an email with instructions. In the email you will be given: (1) a special registration page to share with your students and (b) a code to share with your students so that they can register for free.

If you are an ASCA member, you will need to send me the code provided in the newsletter.

Once you receive your code, it will work up to thirty times or until all the spots are filled. Once it has been used thirty times, it will no longer be valid. WE STRONGLY ENCOURAGE YOU TO HAVE YOUR STUDENTS REGISTER THEMSELVES once you have nominated them. We have found that if someone else completes the registration form for the student, they are more likely to become confused as to their active role and often fail to complete their end of the program (which is completing the three feedback forms. The forms only take about 5-10 minutes to complete).

*Please note: I am a CASC member and that is why CASC and I are offering this as a member benefit for CASC and ASCA members. I am not a CASC staff member or ASCA representative so I cannot resolve any membership issues. However, you can contact Linda Hudson in the CASC office about your membership or about becoming a member. Phone: (909) 815-5222 Mon-Fri 10am - 4pm. Email:

How many students may I nominate?
If you are a current CASC or ASCA member you may nominate up to thirty (30) students. Please note that there are only 1000 spots total available for counselors throughout the entire country to fill, so you may not be able to nominate all of your students, if a number of other counselors submit their nominations first.

How long is the nomination process?
CASC and ASCA members have priority to nominate their students until September 23, 2011.

How are students selected to be nominated?
As their school counselor you know them better than I, so I will trust your judgment. But I do ask that you try to make your selections based on the following:

A. ALL students should be self-motivated enough to keep up with the reading pace (2-3 chapters a week) and do the assignments at the end of each chapter.

B. They should also be honorable about participating in the three coaching calls. This is a special perk that goes beyond the scope of the book. Iím donating my time and only want to work with students who respect that fact. Students who fail to complete the required feedback forms in a timely manner will be dropped from the program and banned from future participation. With that in mind, please try to select the most motivated and worthy students possible.

Please also try to select students who meet at least one the following criteria:

C. They come from a family who cannot afford to pay the reduced public price of $30-40.

D. They are a member of one of the following groups: an under-represented population on college campuses, low income (to working-class middle), first-generation to attend college.

E. Those who may not have support from their parents because they are possibly breaking from tradition on some level (for example girls, minority populations, LGBT).

*Basically, please prioritize those students who do not have access to the support they need to get through this challenging process on their own otherwise.

Is there a fee for my students?
No. It is free to students you nominate IF you are a current CASC or ASCA member. If you are not a CASC or ASCA member, we offer a discounted rate for the summer program of $30-40.

Iím not a CASC or ASCA member, but I want to nominate students who TRULY cannot afford to pay the $30-40.
If there are remaining spots open after September 23, any school counselors can nominate their students. However, unlike the member spots, I will select students based on demonstrated merit and proven needs. I may also decide to have students do some volunteer work at a charity of my choice in lieu of payment. I want to help students and support your efforts to do the same, and I also want to be fair. If you would like to be on the waitlist for these spots, please feel free to contact me directly.

If you have a question that was not addressed in the FAQ, you may contact me directly. Given the fact that I am donating my time to make this program possible, my preference is email. If however, you have a matter that you feel would be confused or complicated by email, please feel free to send me you number and time zone and I will give you a call at my earliest convenience. Again, you may contact me via email info at collegeadmissionstips dot com




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