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This book is dedicated to the interracial girl from Berkeley who dared to dream and whose efforts paid off royally. This book is dedicated to each and every kid who is fighting the good fight to get to the inside track, but doesnt know how- yeah you: the public school kids, the kids from untraditional families, the colored kids, the middle to barely middle-class kids, and the girls who dare to be openly competitive- this book is for you! If you believe in a good clean fight and that fair is fair, then this book is for you. This book is your key to the Ivy tower or wherever your college dreams may take you. -K. Appel, Author

About the Author:
After graduating from Berkeley High, Kamala Appel became the first in her family to attend an Ivy League college. While at Yale, Ms. Appel was among the first to implement a recruitment program that involved both junior and senior high schools. As an alumnae, Ms. Appel conducted alumni interviews with high school applicants for Yale University. Ms. Appel earned a Masters of the Arts from USC's School of Cinema Television. During her time at University of Southern California, Ms. Appel worked closely with the Dean and Associate Dean of the Cinema School on the school's largest revenue-generating course.

In this book, Ms. Appel shares secrets and tips that just may help you get in everywhere you apply to college like she did when she was in high school.