Finding the Right College for You: College Search Tip #5 (747)
Before you can get into a top college or any college, for that matter, you have to decide where you want to apply. Deciding where to go to college is not easy. Finding the right college for you can be the biggest decision that you and your parents make together.
There are some important factors for you and your parents to consider when doing a college search. Where you apply influences where you get in, and where you go to college can have a big impact on your career and future in general.I have come up with a list of THE most important things to consider when doing your college search. Here is one factor to consider. There are more secrets in my book, The Keys to the CASTLE.
5) Location
Location. Location. Location! Any business knows that location is everything. With this in mind, colleges and universities are businesses, but there approach towards sales do not really rely on foot traffic to attract students. For that reason, I am placing location in the middle.
Yet, it is worth considering if you would prefer to go to a college in a happening big city, quaint college town, or tranquil rural community. I tend to think that location will also influence what extra curricular activities you can enjoy OFF campus, like cultural events. I also suggest, and maybe itís the Californian in me- probably is, that location will influence weather and that may influence whether you like being some place nine months of the year.
While I prioritized academics and reputation, many of my high school friends put location on the top of the list because they wanted to go somewhere where they could have fun in the sun seven days a week, 365 days a year. They decided to go to UC Santa Barbarawhere they got to party hearty and enjoya year-round tan (but I have heard that UCB has cracked down on the Mardi Gras scene).
For example, when I was deciding where to go, my cousins encouraged me to apply to Columbia. They both attended and LOVED it. It is a great university. My cousins are New York City natives and like most New Yorkers, NYC is the center of their universe, whether people admit it or not. My momís side is all from New York, so I was intrigued, but I thought such a big city would overwhelm me.
Looking back, I think I would have liked being in New York because I would have had family and a lot of cultural activities and it is a diverse city. The weather leaves a lot to be desired, in my Californian opinion, but the winter brought all the students from the Western states together, especially Hawaiians and Californians. Yes, we were weather wimps and proud of it.
While I prioritized academics and reputation, many of my high school friends put location on the top of the list because they wanted to go somewhere where they could have fun in the sun seven days a week. They decided to go to UC Santa Barbara and had a lot of fun and a year-round tan.
A. What do students do for fun? Do students have time to have fun?
B. Where do most students live? on-campus in dorms? off-campus? in greek houses?
C. Do students do things off-campus a lot? How are the relations between the campus and the surrounding community?
As you may know, conducting a college search is only the first step in the college admissions process. If you want to increase the odds of getting into a top college or your child getting into an Ivy League college, then The Keys to the CASTLE (College Admissions Secrets & Tips to Look Exceptional to admission officers) book will help you. Reading The Keys to the CASTLE book will increase the odds of you getting accepted to your dream college.
Until then, do your homework. Do not be afraid to ask everyone and anyone you know (alumni, Admissions Office Reps, students in college now who attended your high school, siblings of students who are in college now whom you know from your high school or extra-curricular activities, etc.) who might know what you donít. Also, ask the colleges for brochures, read available books, and check out different websites. And, when it comes right down to it, trust your gut.


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