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There are some common mistakes made by college applicants when writing their college admission essays. As a former recruiter for Yale University, I remember the reactions from admissions officers as they read one essay versus another. I would say that there are six mistakes that are the most common and potentially the most deadly to college applicants submitting their college admission essays. One mistake I saw was: not writing something that was true to the college applicantís life story.†† †††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††
One of the biggest mistakes a college applicant can make when writing their college admission essays is writing something that is not true to you, your values, and your background- represent! Some of the biggest and brightest leaders come from dark and humble beginnings.
Bill Clinton came from a dysfunctional family. Barack Obama overcame adversity. Look where both of them are now. Donít be ashamed. Be proud because that is what makes you- you, and more importantly, it could be what sets you apart from the competition.
Unfortunately, this is not the only mistake made by college applicants when writing their college admission essays or on college applications as they go through the college admission process. To help those who are serious about getting into an Ivy League college or other top college, I outline insider information based on my experience as a recruiter and alumni interviewer for Yale University. My recommendations, tips, and insight are available in The Keys to the CASTLE book. If you want to increase the odds of getting into a top college or your child getting into an Ivy League college, then you need to get your own set of Keys to the CASTLE. Every day that goes by that you donít access this information, the odds of getting in decreases. High school graduation is right around the corner, donít you want your child to have big plans for the following fall.


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